2018-09-01 Smart Seven Stars (V)


Class One: First Class Software

2018-09-01 Smart Seven Stars (V) 


SHMS - Smart Hotel Management System. Smart HouseKeeping 4.0


In all the Hotels, it is very important, proper planning for room cleaning by the housekeeping department plays a key role to ensure an efficient operation…this is more relevant when the property has a significant number of rooms in inventoryAccording to the director of operations at various hotels, the planning process for the scheduling of daily room cleaning can take up to 2 hours. This has taken us to further in-depth analysis in order to define efficient solutions, as presented in “class One”.


The resulting analysis assisted us in creating an algorithm that provides us with optimized parameters for the daily process of room cleaning

The parameters that we have taken into consideration are:

  • Type of room, size, available equipment, specific characteristics such as balconies, leaving room areas, etc.
  • Number of guests in room
  • If cleaning service includes changing bed linens
  • Cleaning of specific equipment such as windows, mini refrigerators, kitchen efficiencies, etc.

The resulting data provides us with a more accurate timetable for the turn over of hotel rooms from the moment the guests checks out.

The seven Stars program will provide the housekeeper manager with an automatic daily schedule, distributing the work load on an even basis. The housekeeper has the option to review and adjust this information as required. It is important to highlight that the automatic scheduling report reflects the optimized parameters in terms of number of units, required time per unit, availability of staff for each specific day, etc. 

The housekeeping staff, with the support of Housekeeping 4.0 program and their tablets, will be able to identify and assign priority to the rooms with scheduled departures first. This will provide the front desk team with fresh inventory for the day’s arrivals, optimizing the check in process and guest experience.

Once proceeded to the different assignments, each "kelly" will access with their tablets to the rooms to be cleaned, taking first of all those rooms that being outgoing, the check-out has already been done (each time a check is made). out, it will be updated instantly on the tablet corresponding to your cleaner

Real example Minute (times are expressed in minutes)


Studio 2 pax 15   1 Bedroom Apartment 2 pax 15   Prime Sea View 3 pax 18
Studio 2 pax + Sheets towels 18   1 Bedroom Apartment 2 pax + Sheets towels 18   Prime Sea View 3 pax + Sheets towels 21
Studio 4 pax 18   1 Bedroom Apartment 4 pax 18   Prime Sea View 5 pax 21
Studio 4 pax + Sheets towels 24   1 Bedroom Apartment 4 pax + Sheets towels 24   Prime Sea Viewo 5 pax + Sheets towels 27
Studio 2 pax + Check-Out 45   1 Bedroom Apartment 2 pax + Check-Out 48   Prime Sea View 3 pax + Check-Out 49,25
Studio 4 pax + Check-Out 58   1 Bedroom Apartment 4 pax + Check-Out 62   Prime Sea View 5 pax + Check-Out 60,75
            Prime Sea View 5 pax + Window cleaning 80


HouseKeeping - Daily Productivity Analysis




Some screens of this use case.



The Cleaners with their Tablets will proceed to perform their work, the first rooms proposed by Smart HouseKeeping 4.0, are those that have been released on the day and have already done their Check-out





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