2018-11-06 Corporate Discipline


Class One: First Class Software

2018-11-06 Corporate Discipline


Restaurant Chains, Cafes, Establishments 


 Class One incorporates Corporate Discipline.


When we are a chain of establishments, this is a very important concept and usually gives enough headaches to those responsible for IT, as well as to the different Managers, Area Managers, Cost Control and of course to the CEO of the Company.

In Class One, we are aware that the Establishments must be coordinated with each other, and with our experience, if there is no robust protocol working in the end eveybody will go on its own. Even having established protocols in certain circumstances they are not followed, but if the most important part of the coordination is automatic, then almost all the problems will disappear.


With the Class One Corporate Discipline solution, you will have it resolved 



Corporate Discipline

Perfectly coordinate your Establishments

Get a Clean Big Data

Big Data -> Smart Data -> KPI's correct

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